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2019-10-18 23:26

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Notice: IP policy of Shatin datacenter for E-mail service has been changed

2018-09-06 22:46
Dear valued customers: As per  the Shantin datacenter notice,  due to a large number of abuse that using IPs for spam,  and it has caused serious consequences, the datacenter decided to block E-mail service port of all IPs.  The blocking plan will be carried out at 11:00 on  Oct. 8/2018. In order to avoid  affecting  your normal business, ...

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2018-03-23 00:16
近日,利用memcached伺服器實施反射DDoS攻擊的事件呈大幅上升趨勢。  memcached反射攻擊利用了在互聯網上暴露的大批量memcached伺服器(一種分散式緩存系統)存在的認證和設計缺陷, ...

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2017-05-15 14:55
病毒背景介绍  2017年5 月12 日晚上20 ...

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2017-05-05 13:23
尊敬的用户,您们好! 为提升我们的服务水准,我们近期在价格不变的基础上,提升了部分套餐的配置。为回馈老客户,可以为老客户免费升级到新的配置(仅限当前的套餐配置有更新的用户),但由于升级套餐配置可能需要进行重启服务器操作,因此升级需要用...

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Notice: Electrical maintenance of HK datacenter on 2017/05/05

2017-04-26 23:21
Dear valued customers,As per the notice from Shatin Datacenter, due to the regular maintenance of fixed electrical installations, some servers will be shut down during the maintenance period. Details are as below, please be informed:IPs will be affected: 118.193.228.* , 118.193.226.*Operation time:May 05,2017 (Friday)  22:30PM~3:00 ...

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关于方程式组织黑客工具包(包含多个Windows 0day利用工具)再曝光预警通知

2017-04-20 17:07
  尊敬的UFOVPS客户:您好,2017年4月15日,国外黑客组织Shadow ...

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Struts2 S2-045 Security Bulletins

2017-03-17 09:28
Summary Possible Remote Code Execution when performing file upload based on Jakarta Multipart parser. Who should read this All Struts 2 developers and users Impact of vulnerability Possible RCE when performing file upload based on Jakarta Multipart parser Maximum security ...

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2017-02-07 22:31

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Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7.3 launched

2017-02-07 22:11

The UFOVPS team has launched following OS templates:

  • KVM
    • CentOS 7.3  
    • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS